Comprehensive Psychological, Counseling & Consultation Services

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Arizona Psychology Consultants

Welcome to Arizona Psychology Consultants, Inc.  APC is a private, comprehensive mental health counseling and consulting practice committed to providing the highest quality professional services for clients of all ages.  As a group, we possess the extensive training and experience needed to address the many diverse concerns and circumstances experienced by our clients.

Dr. Raymond Branton is the founder and Clinical Director of Arizona Psychology Consultants and earned his Masters and Doctorate degrees in Clinical and Family Psychology.  APC team members include Dr. Kuo-Yi Chung, Dr. Ken Littlefield, Jennifer Lux, Tracy Carson, Linda Peters, Terry Sutter, and Josh Harper.

Primary services we offer for individuals, couples and families include professional counseling, crisis and addictions interventions, mediation, and forensic psychology services.  We also offer a full range of psychological assessment and evaluation services, including neuropsychological assessment, psychological and personality assessment, IQ assessment, and academic and developmental assessment.  Professional consultation services such as staff assessment and development as well as seminars and presentations are also offered.  Additionally, we offer family medical and prescriptive services through provider Linda Peters, Family Nurse Practitioner. 

When indicated, we work successfully as a team with professionals in the fields of law, education, and medicine in a cooperative relationship, providing consultation to facilitate and support the well-being of our clients.

Please feel free to explore our website, read about our experienced, licensed professionals and contact us with any questions.  

Dr. Raymond E. Branton
Licensed Clinical Psychologist