This is a difficult topic for several reasons. It is often difficult to determine when one should utilize insurance for counseling services and what each insurance plan will actually cover. At APC, we will do our best to help you sort out these questions and work toward the most beneficial route for services and payment. Dr. Branton is contracted as an in-network provider for Blue Cross/Blue Shieldof Arizona. For other insurance providers, often times reimbursement is provided to the client as an out-of-network provider. Each client should contact their insurance plan to see how “outpatient mental or behavioral health” is “carved out” in their individual plan. In either case, the client will be responsible for the initial fees at the time of service, but may receive a credit or reimbursement from APC if said fees are collected by the client’s insurance provider. Also important to ask of each individual insurance plan: what is my deductible, co-payment, limitations on visits per year, and exact coverage, ie, does my plan cover couple’s counseling or psychological assessment? If you bring in your BC/BS card, APC will contact your plan and provide you with answers to all of these questions so that the best treatment track can be identified.