Forensic Services

Dr. Branton specializes in forensic-psychology and forensic-related issues related to Family Court cases, as well as other select forensic cases in Criminal Court, Juvenile Court, Probate Court, etc.  Dr. Branton provides expert evaluations and testimony on topics such as parenting fitness, domestic violence, child abuse, parental alienation, and other Parent-Child Contact Problems (PCCP) or Resist-Refuse Dynamics (RRD).  Specifically, Dr. Branton provides Court-ordered evaluations and services, including Comprehensive Family Evaluations (or Parenting Evaluations), Focused Assessments, and Independent Psychological Evaluations.  Dr. Branton also provides Court-ordered services such as Therapeutic Intervention, Reunification Services, Parenting Coordinating, Coparenting Counseling, Court-ordered Behavioral Intervention, Supervised Therapeutic Parenting Time Services, etc.  Because of the demand for Dr. Branton’s services, please contact Dr. Branton’s office manager to discuss Dr. Branton’s availability to take on a forensic-related case prior to submitting Dr. Branton’s name to the Court for appointment to specific cases.


Our offices are located at:
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Office Hours:
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*Counseling sessions are by appointment only but we may be reached during normal office hours.